Leah Knecht, based in Pasadena, CA, came from a centuries-old lineage of Japanese artists. She was therefore exposed to the arts since childhood, and influenced by diverse art from Japan, Mexico, Africa, and Europe. After graduating college, Knecht worked in creative careers, while refining her own fine art practice.

Knecht’s art explores depth perception through 3 dimensional layering, contrasting with 2 dimensional painting or collage elements, or in her assemblage/sculptures, while addressing socio-political themes. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and a solo show “Equal Justice Under Law,” at the Ontario Museum of Art and History in Ontario, CA.

Knecht is active in arts organizations as a volunteer, using her technical and design skills. She is an alumna of world-renowned Art Center College of Design, and continues expand her art practice in her own meticulous style. 


B.F.A. – ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN – Graduated with Distinction.

A.A. – PASADENA CITY COLLEGE – Emphasis in art and design.