Resinate Series​

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'The Rise and Fall' 2019. 14x26x2"
'The Rise and Fall, side view' - Side View
'Forbidden Fruit, V10,' 2019. 14x26x2"
'Forbidden Fruit, V10' - Side View
'Mortal Sin,' 2018. 14x26x2"
'Mortal Sin' - Side View
'Blam,' 2018. 14x26x2"
'Blam' - Side View
'Equal Justice,' 2018. 18x28x2" - SOLD
'Equal Justice' - Side View
'Minus the Middle,' 2019. 14x26x2"
'Minus the Middle,' - Side View
'Existential Nature,' 2018. 20x20x2" SOLD
“Existential Nature” Side View
'Kid A,' 2017. 12x12x2"
'Kid A' - Side View
'Los Angeles,' 2017. 12x12x2"
'Los Angeles' - Side View
'Manifest Destiny,' 2017. 14x14x2" - SOLD
'Manifest Destiny' - Side View
'Can’t Breathe,' 2017. 12x12x2" - SOLD
'Can't Breathe' - Side View