Assemblages & Sculptures

(prices available upon request)

Kid A
“Kid A” 12” x12” x2"
“Kid A” Side View
Los Angeles
“Los Angeles” 12x12x2"
“Los Angeles” Side View
“Manifest Destiny” 14x14x2"
“Manifest Destiny” Side View
“Heard it on the Radio”
"Heard it on the Radio” Side View
"All the Marbles, Parts 1 & 2"
"All the Marbles, Parts 1 & 2” Side View
Ask Me
“Ask Me” 20x15x6
“Legend of Brown Mountain” 25Wx34H
“Revere” 24Wx32H
“Servatron” 36Wx76H
“Porch of Maidens” 36Wx25HX4D
“School Daze” 22Wx41H
“Innocence Lost” 14Wx40H
"El Verso" 18 X 15 X 6
"Worship" 32 X 24 X 6
"Rush Order" 24Wx9H - SOLD
"Zenith" 24WX9H
"Remembrance" 30.5 X 19 X 10
"Barriers" 20 X 9 X 2.5
"Garden Of Eden" 70 X 32 X 20

Dimensional Paintings with Assemblage

"Planned Obsolescence" 48Wx72H
"Industrious" 48Wx72H
"Be Fruitful and Multiply" 48Wx96H
"Money to Loan" 48Wx72H
"Waste Not, Want Not" 48Hx60H
"Shakespeare, Gutenberg, and Raymond Moudy" 30Wx46H-SOLD
"Last Stop" 24Wx36H-SOLD
"Rialto" 24Wx36H
"Eat at Jim's" 24Wx36H
"Bowling Alone" 24Wx36H

Portraits - Oil on Glass, in Shadowbox

"Natsu" 10.5 X 14
"Ted" 14 X 20
"The Nine" 14 X 18.5