(prices available upon request)

"Shakespeare, Gutenberg, and Raymond Moudy" 30 x 46" -SOLD
“Innocence Lost” 14 x40"
"School Daze” 22 x 41"
“Legends” 3D Collage/Assemblage
"Respect" 3D Collage/Painting
Fake News Machine
Fake News Machine - Side
“Heard it on the Radio” SOLD
"Heard it on the Radio” Side View
"Rush Order" 30.5 x 19 x 10 – SOLD
"Zenith" 24 x 9"
"Remembrance" 30.5H x 19W x 10"D
"Barriers" 20 x 9 x 2.5" SOLD
“Ask Me” 20H x 15W x 6"D
“Banana Republic” 15H x 18W x 5"D
“Revere” 32H x 24"W
“Purple Haze” Cigar Box Guitar
"Fire and Rain" Cigar Box Guitar